Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Belgium: The Perfect Two Weeks" in special Travel issue of All About Beer Magazine

I'm happy to say that I have a 1,500 word article in "Beer Traveler:
Where Beer Love Meets Wanderlust" which is a special publication
of All About Beer Magazine.

The story is called "Belgium: The Perfect Two Weeks."

I'll take you through a fun-filled, beery week in Flanders, and
another equally great seven days in Wallonia and Brussels. Along
the way, you'll experience some of the most interesting beer
destinations in "The Beer Country."

The article is designed so that you could follow the route and visit
each place discussed, which should be open on the day and time listed.
I say 'should' as opening days and times change frequently in Belgium,
and bar and brewery owners do take vacations, of course.

Copies can be obtained wherever All About Beer Magazine is sold,
such as Borders and Barnes and Noble stores, and here:

I hope you like the article!

Gezondheid, Sante and Cheers!

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