Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh so busy.....

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of posts of late.

I have been incredibly busy with several articles, plus summer beer
fests. The Ommegang fest was a great time, as was another camping
beer fest.

I recently finished two 1500 word articles about Belgium and beer, as
well as a 900 word piece. Both the 1500 word articles are for beer
magazines located outside the USA. I'll keep you posted as to when
these are due out.

Also, I've written several articles for the Beer Connoisseur website.

I'm headed up to Brooklyn for a Belgian-inspired beer tasting tomorrow.

There will be over 150 different beers there. Wish me luck....



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beer Connoisseur magazine: please subscribe!

America's next great beer magazine is just a few months away from
its first issue.
Beer Connoisseur, the creation of Lynn Davis of Atlanta, is currently
a fine website with a very diverse beer content.
I have already penned three articles for the website, all on the
subject of Belgium.
I have the privilege of being the Belgian beer blogger for the site.
Here's my latest article, about the great lambic cafe, In de
Verzekering Tegen de Grote Dorst:

The magazine will be a high-quality quarterly publication.

Here's a word from Lynn:

If you enjoy my writings about Belgian beer, please consider subscribing. If you do, please use my invitation code: FBC-0101. The more people that subscribe and support Beer Connoisseur, the more Belgian beer articles you will see in the magazine!



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sad news: Beers of the World magazine to cease production

I received sad news from Beers of the World Magazine Editor
Sally Toms one week ago: the magazine will cease production after
issue 26. It will live on as a website:
Beers of the World, based in the U.K. but also available in the U.S.,
was one of my favorite beer mags. It offered great coverage of the
world beer scene!
I had five articles over the years in the magazine. I covered Antwerp's
Bierhuis Kulminator in issue 11; beery Brussels in issue 14; Belgium's
female brewmasters in issue 15; Belgian breweries in issue 16; and
great Belgian cafes in issue 22.

Links are here, except for issue 22, was was never put on the
Only the first few hundred words of the articles are on-line:

Cheers to four years of great articles in Beers of the World, and all
the best to the staff in future endeavors.
Hopefully the new Beer Connoisseur magazine will fill the void that
BOTW leaves.


Charles aka Chuck Cook