Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brouwerij Girardin article in October Ale Street News

Well, I'm back after nearly 2 weeks. I was really busy getting ready for the GABF (which was amazing; I tried so many great new sour beers from all over the U.S.!)

I have a nearly 2,000 word article on Brouwerij Girardin, one of Belgium's great lambic breweries, in the October/November issue of Ale Street News.

As you'll read in the article, I was the first beer writer allowed to tour the brewery since the late Michael Jackson in 1993.

While editor Tony Forder only had room for a couple of photos with the article, rest assured I have many more: high-resolution 12 megapixel shots in both the lambic and pils brewhouses. You'll see these in future articles in other publications!

To read this article, you'll have to get a copy of Ale Street, which is available at great bars, brewpubs and breweries, especially here on the East coast and the Midwest.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die"

Amazon and some other sites are now taking pre-orders for the book I contributed to this Spring.

I wrote 30 Belgian beer and brewery reviews for "1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die"

which is due out March 23, 2010.

Here's the link:

The book is part of the 1001 Series of publications by Quintessence of London.

Should be ready just in time for Spring!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Farewell, Cafe 't Jagershof

One of Belgium's great country/roadside cafes, 't Jagershof ("The Hunter's Lodge") will close for good this Sunday, September 6.

It's not due to a bad economy. No, the reason is that owners Martine and her husband are retiring after running their pub for many years. Their well-earned retirement is nevertheless a sad loss to beer lovers, especially those of us that enjoy Trappist brews.

My friend, Trappist beer lover Danny Van Tricht, first took me to the pub in 2005. I made two subsequent visits, in 2006 and 2008.

I wish there had been many more.

Jagershof, located in Waanrode in the Province of Flemish Brabant, opened in 1958.

Trappist beers became a specialty in the 1980's. You could often find the monk's table beers-Chimay Doree, Orval Green, and Westmalle Extra-here, if you asked.
Such brews were on a menu with 75+ beers.

Trappist cheeses were usually available as well.

't Jagershof was a great place to drink and enjoy the Belgian lifestyle. It will be missed.

If you are in Belgium, you have a last few days to get to this atmospheric cafe to enjoy a few Trappist brews. I wish I could be there.

More photos are here: