Friday, December 21, 2012

BÜZE Magazine debuts, with Antwerp Province article

Another day, and another magazine debut.

With a Belgian beer article.

Gotta love it. Happy Friday.

BÜZE Magazine: A Modern Drinks Resource, in the works for
a number of months, is now live and available for download at
the iTunes store here:

BÜZE is digital only, and issue 1 is compatible only with iPad
and iPad mini.

With issue 2, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD will also be supported.

BÜZE Magazine is the world's first digital, interactive, all-drinks

I have a 1,000 word piece on breweries in Antwerp Province,
including De Koninck; Den Hopperd; Dijkwaert; Duvel-Moortgat;
Het Anker; 't Hofbrouwerijke; and Trappist Westmalle.

BÜZE's Director is Cary Hyodo, who I used to work with at
Taps: The Beer Magazine, as he was Art Director there. Cary
left Taps to work with BÜZE.

Taps, a Toronto, Canada-based magazine, pulled out of the USA
market and back to Canada early this year, and is concentrating
more on Canadian stories and less on international ones than in
the past.

BÜZE has articles from all over the world, as you will see in
the first issue. Writers such as Melissa Cole, Steve Beaumont,
and others provide fine editorial.

I'll be doing a series on breweries in all of the Belgian provinces
over time, and other pieces on beer fests, distilleries and cafes
are also possible.

If you are interested in advertising in BÜZE Magazine, please shoot
me or Cary Hyodo an email.

I look forward to working in this exciting new digital format.

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