Thursday, January 3, 2013

"New Breweries Fermenting in Old Belgium" in Celebrator Beer News

I have a 1,300 word article in the December 2012/
January 2013 issue of Celebrator Beer News, titled
"New Breweries Fermenting in Old Belgium."

Brewer Anne-Cathérine Dilewyns with a 
Dilewyns Winter beer

I cover Brasserie de Bastogne of Luxembourg province;
Brouwerij Dilewyns and brewer Anne-Cathérine Dilewyns
of East Flanders; Huisbrouwerij Danny of Erpe-Mere,
East Flanders; Brouwerij Den Triest of Flemish Brabant;
Brouwerij Anders and Brouwerij & Alcoholstokerij
Wilderen of Limburg Province; as well as Brasserie de
Bierkaai in Limburg.

Brewer/Owner Danny Hoffelinck, 
Huisbrouwerij Danny

Marc Struyf, brewer/owner of Brouwerij
Den Triest, in his atmospheric tasting cafe

Luc Van Esch, owner of Brasserie de Bierkaai
in Viverselle, Limburg Province, at ZBF

Bart Durlet, Brouwerij Anders

The article is now on-line where anyone can read it
for free here

I hope everyone enjoys it!!


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