Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Lambic beer visitor's center...great news from Belgium

Yesterday I visited Drie Fonteinen, where I spoke with
Armand Debelder for some time.

Armand told me the good news that there will be a Lambic beer
visitor's center opening in mid-May about 3 km
from Beersel.

The Flemish goverment and HORAL are the main forces behind
the project, which will feature a 125 seat theater where movies of
lambic production will be shown in four or five languages.

It should be a modern center for the promotion
of lambic beers.....sort of a living museum.

It will be accesible by public transport.

All I can say is, Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have a website in the works.

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Anonymous said...

That is fascinating news. I am looking forward to visiting once completed. Will they have the info of this center on HORAL website?