Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Belgian beer, brewery, and cafe images available as prints

First: Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

OK, back to Belgium.

During my visits to 130 Belgian breweries and over 300 beer
specialist cafes since 1994, I have captured about 25,000
images. For the last four and a half years, I have been using
a Canon digital SLR: a 12 megapixel Digital Rebel, with
Canon lens.

I have just started offering some of these for sale as prints
through Fine Art America. Here is their website. A direct
link to my profile is here.

With this site, you can choose the type of print, as well
as different sizes of prints. Art, canvas, acrylic, framed,
and metal are offered, as well as greetings cards.

The images you see on the site are not the highest
resolution versions, to prevent theft. However, the
prints are made using the high-resolution,
unwatermarked images. You can see a preview of
this on the site.

Fine Art American processes the order, makes
the print, and mails it to you. There is even a 30
day money back guarantee!

I've started with photos from Brasserie Dupont, as well
as a number of photos from the cellar at Cafe Bodega
(the first beer cafe owned by the owners of the Kulminator
in Antwerp) as well as the cellar at Brouwerij Liefmans
and some other places.

Many more images will be added over the course of time,
so check back at the Fine Art America site frequently.

With Christmas right around the corner, why not reward
yourself, or a friend, relative, or significant other, with
a print of a beautiful Belgian beer scene?

Bar, restaurant and retail shop owners, take note: you might
as well get some prints too, and impress your Belgian beer
loving customers!

PS If anyone has seen a specific photo that I have captured
that interests you, send me a mail and I will see if I can get
it uploaded on the site.

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