Wednesday, March 28, 2012

De Lambiek/Oud Beersel/3 Fonteinen article

I have a 1,200 word article on three places that are stars
in the lambic beer world in the April/May 2012 issue of
Celebrator Beer News.

You can read it here

and it finishes here

Since the article was written, there is news from
3 Fonteinen, posted right on their website here
Some is sad, but the end result will be good, as there
will be more 3 Fonteinen lambic and geuze for beer
lovers to enjoy.

The LambikODroom, or "Lambik Dream" cafe, will close
for good on Sunday, April 1. The reason is that 3 Fonteinen
needs space for the new brewery, and also for a shop to
sell products to the public. So the shop will move into
where the LambikODroom is now, and the present shop
area will be used by the expanded brewery.

I first visited De LambikODroom in May, 2008, and it
officially opened soon after. It is a shame to see it go,
after nearly four-year run.

But the prospect of much more "brewed-on site" 3 Fonteinen
lambics is a good one.

You can read more about it in my article.

For more info on Tourism in Flanders, see here

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