Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brasserie Orval article in Taps: The Beer Magazine

Two weeks without a post. Yeah, the holidays will do that
to you. I'll try and be more active now and in the New Year.

But I do have some good news for lovers of brett beers.
And Trappist beers.

I might as well tell you that I have had yet another article
published on Brasserie Orval, at l' Abbaye Notre Dame d' Orval
in Luxembourg Province, Wallonia.

(Photo, above: the stained-glass windows behind the
new brewhouse at Orval.)

The 1250+ word piece is on the cover of Taps: The Beer Magazine,
Canada's only beer mag. As far as I know, anyway.

(Photo, above: a row of secondary fermenters at Orval,
where the dry-hopping is done and brettanomyces yeasts
are added over a three week period of cold-conditioning.
These date to 1956!)

I cover the new brewhouse at Orval, updates from the brewery,
and the brewing process there. As well, I give the low-down
on Orval's excellent new cafe/restaurant/taproom, A' la Ange Gardien.
Yes, the Guardian Angel cafe.

(Photo, above: the new Petit Orval (4.5% abv) being served
on draft at A l' Ange Gardien at Orval. It's realllly good!)

(Photo, above: fine meals at the cafe.)

(Photo, above: spent grains in the secondary fermentation
room at Orval.)

(Photo, above: Fran├žois de Harenne with a bag of
Hallertauer Hersbrucker whole leaf hops.)

For more photos, including inside the brewhouse, see this
earlier post: Orval

Taps is available at many Barnes and Noble stores throughout the

You can also buy a pdf version or order issues at:


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