Monday, May 4, 2009

New photos on-line from recent Trappist brewery visits

The brewhouse at Westmalle

Beer conditioning at Westmalle

Brewmaster Lodewijk Swinkels pouring the French-oak aged La Trappe Quadrupel.

Lodewijk Swinkels, brewmaster of La Trappe, with some of his French oak barrels.

Trappist-raised beef with croquettes at the La Trappe.

I visited Achel and Koningshoeven (La Trappe) for the third time each on my recent trip, and also went to Westmalle for a fourth visit.

Both La Trappe and Westmalle have new tasting cafes, which are very modern and stylish. The old ones were torn down.

I also savored a chalice each of Achel Blond 5 and Bruin 5 on Thursday the 23rd, sitting outside on a nice sunny day. Was this really Belgium?? These brews, available only on tap at the Abbey tasting cafe, paired well with some snacks from the Abbey, such as sausages.

I had much bigger meals at Koningshoeven and Westmalle, as they have full kitchens at each.

Trappist-grown beef and croquettes at La Trappe on a sunny spring day really hit the spot, with Blond and Dubbel paired with the meal.

When brewmaster Lodewijk Swinkels suggested we taste his La Trappe Quadrupel, aged in French oak casks for 9 months....well things got even better. Great beer, and not overdone with oak.

Stoofvlees cooked in Westmalle Dubbel was a fine meal at the Cafe Trappisten at Westmalle.

Look for more on these visits in the future.

inside the tasting cafe at Achel.

Cheese made with Achel beer.

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Jordan M. said...

Why is the Westmalle Tripel not meant to be aged, may I ask?