Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy....

Well, two weeks without a post. As you might guess, I have been incredibly swamped lately.
I am writing a number of Belgian beer and brewery reviews for a new book due out later this year. I've written over 6,000 words in the past two weeks, and have about 3,500 more due within a few weeks.
I also am working on a big 2,500 word feature article on Brouwerij Girardin.
I'll be at SAVOR in D.C. this weekend, so I'll be writing during the week.
I also have another 3,000 word feature due for a new magazine by mid-June.
My Belgian beer blog at Beer Connoisseur on-line should go live in a couple of weeks.
Did I mention I was busy? Phew.
One of the beers I am writing about for the book is Moinette Blonde. The photo with this post is Dirk Van Dyck in the cellar of the Bodega cafe, with a Moinette from the 1970's.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chuck, hang in there. It's always a pleasure to read your writings and worth waiting for.

I'm interested to hear what you have to say about one of my favorite beers, Moinette Blonde.

Take care, John in Las Vegas