Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Trappist beer website

Photo: Danny talking with Brother Jules at Achel.

My very good Belgian friend, Danny Van Tricht, has created a great new website about Trappist beers and cafes.
Danny and I have visited all seven Trappist Abbey breweries multiple times.
The website is:
I think it's one of the most informative and professionaly produced Trappist websites.

Photo: Danny Van tricht in the cellar of Cafe Yes, Libramont, Luxembourg Province.


Anonymous said...

Great! I'm really just getting into this style, only having just tried Chamay recently, but liking it very much! Thanks for the link to the Trappist website!

Anonymous said...

When I bent down to sniff this Trappist Ale, I immediately caught the aroma of the 11.3% alcohol that dominated the beer. There was a sweet, sugary aroma on the nose, along with a malty and vinous quality.

Thanks for sharing the link to the Trappist website!