Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Duvel brewmaster Hedwig Neven to appear at Beeradvocate's Belgian beer fest

Duvel brewmaster Hedwig Neven, on the right, with an assistant brewer.

Hedwig Neven, the brewmaster of Brouwerij Duvel/Moorgat, located in Breendonk/Puurs, Antwerp Province, will be a guest speaker at the Beeradvocate Belgian beer fest this weekend in Boston.

Hedwig will be talking about the new Duvel draft, as well as comparing the draft and bottled versions, beginning at 7 pm Saturday night, during session two.

I toured the brewery on May 29, and enjoyed a few beers with Hedwig in the Duvel Depot tasting cafe.

I look forward to tasting the new Duvel draft and hearing Hedwig speak about it.

The new brewhouse at Duvel Moortgat.

Hop Street!

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Miss jacki said...

DUvel Green (Draft) being served at Syracuse Beer Week. The Blue Tusk is hosting Duvel Day on Friday, November 7th