Friday, December 4, 2009

"Belgium: The World's Beer Country" article in Beer Connoisseur magazine

The Inaugural issue of Beer Connoisseur magazine has arrived.
I'm very happy to say that I have a 2,500 word feature article,
"Belgium: The World's Beer Country" in this, the first issue of
what I think is a great new publication.

I am very pleased about the high production value of the magazine.
Beer Connoisseur uses very high quality, glossy paper stock, with
numerous high-resolution images within. I think beer lovers will
find it is very polished, especially considering it is a first issue!

My article is an overview of many of the great breweries and cafes
in "The Beer Country."

Quite a few of my photos are used with the article. You'll notice
a number of images of well-known personalities in the Belgian beer

Many thanks to Founder/Publisher Lynn Davis and Editor Nick Kaye
for publishing my article, and for helping to promote Belgium's
beers, breweries and cafes.

Beer Connoisseur will be available in many Barnes and Noble and
Borders stores beginning Tuesday, December 8.

Subscriptions can be purchased here:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Chuck, I will definitely be checking this out! - John