Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh so busy.....

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of posts of late.

I have been incredibly busy with several articles, plus summer beer
fests. The Ommegang fest was a great time, as was another camping
beer fest.

I recently finished two 1500 word articles about Belgium and beer, as
well as a 900 word piece. Both the 1500 word articles are for beer
magazines located outside the USA. I'll keep you posted as to when
these are due out.

Also, I've written several articles for the Beer Connoisseur website.

I'm headed up to Brooklyn for a Belgian-inspired beer tasting tomorrow.

There will be over 150 different beers there. Wish me luck....




Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

You get to go to an event with 150 Belgian-styled beers in Brooklyn, and you think you need MORE luck?!?

Sheesh. There's no pleasing some blokes.....

Dale Orth said...

Are either of the recently finished articles on your visit to Girardin? Do you know yet where/when that will be published?