Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beer Connoisseur magazine: please subscribe!

America's next great beer magazine is just a few months away from
its first issue.
Beer Connoisseur, the creation of Lynn Davis of Atlanta, is currently
a fine website with a very diverse beer content.
I have already penned three articles for the website, all on the
subject of Belgium.
I have the privilege of being the Belgian beer blogger for the site.
Here's my latest article, about the great lambic cafe, In de
Verzekering Tegen de Grote Dorst:

The magazine will be a high-quality quarterly publication.

Here's a word from Lynn:

If you enjoy my writings about Belgian beer, please consider subscribing. If you do, please use my invitation code: FBC-0101. The more people that subscribe and support Beer Connoisseur, the more Belgian beer articles you will see in the magazine!



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