Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photos in the "Good Beer Guide to Belgium"

Brother Antoine at brewkettle one, Brasserie Trappistes Rochefort.
This image is on page 96 of the new Good Beer Guide to Belgium.
Without the watermarks, of course!

The newest edition of Tim Webb's "Good Beer Guide to Belgium" was just published about 10 days ago, and copies are available at

This completely revamped sixth edition is probably the best yet. It is very professionally produced, with slick, glossy pages and loads of new content.

It is also very well illustrated, with many superb photos. 25 of the images in the Guide are mine, including several from the Trappist breweries. There are also photos I took at various cafes, beer fests, and other breweries.

I can't recommend this highly enough: if you like Belgian beer, get a copy!


Chuck Cook

Brother Benedict, the brewer at Westvleteren/De Sint-Sixtusabdij
van Westvleteren, at brewkettle one.
This photo is on page 164 of the new Guide.


Alan Kropf said...

I am PUMPED to check out this book, as well as see your upcoming article in Mutineer Magazine!

Chuck Cook said...

Hey Alan, I'm excited to be writing for Mutineer, and look forward to seeing my article and photos in the mag!