Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Breweries and Cafes of Kortrijk" article in June/July 2009 Celebrator Beer News

The brewmaster of Bockor in Bellegem, pulling a sample of lambic right from one of their foeders (huge oak barrels.)

I have an article about the breweries and cafes in the vicinity of Kortrijk, West Flanders, in the June/July issue of Celebrator Beer News.
The article, which runs about 1,350 words, covers cafes like Staminee Den Boulevard, Eirekedeirie, and others in the city, as well as the great Rusteel in Gullegem. I also wrote about the breweries in the region, such as 't Brouwkot, Bockor, Gaverhopke and more.
Kortrijk is an under-appreciated city and corner of West Flanders, that deserves more attention for its beery riches.

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DesJardin Brewing (Nathan) said...

I remember reading that Bockor produces Ommegang Rouge under some sort of contract ( to replace the gap in the market left by Rodenbach's situation). Is that something you got to discuss during your visit? Seems like Rouge has been roundly applauded by the beer-geekdom, and rightfully so, and just wondering where credit should lay, is Bockor responsible for the beer and Ommegang for choosing the specific foeders? Maybe I've been mis-informed and I apologize if this is covered in your article.