Monday, April 7, 2008

New Belgian articles....Celebrator and Ale Street News

Well, it's been a while since I posted here. I have been very busy with my taxes, and also have been occupied with adding photos to my Flickr site. I now have uploaded over 2,000 images from 38 of the 60 Belgian breweries I have visited, as well as many from beer fests and beer cafes. More are on the way as time permits.

Here are the photos, organized in sets:

I have three new Belgian beer articles out this month (April/May issues.) Two are In Celebrator Beer News. The first is a feature, "Brouwerij Liefmans of Oudenaarde" about Liefmans. Since the article went to press, it appears more and more likely that Duvel Moortgat will indeed take control of Liefmans for the long term.

My other feature is about the famous beer cafe, 't Brugs Beertje ("Brugge's Little Bear") in Bruges, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary on Tuesday, May 13. The Little Bear is one of the world's great drinking establishments, with expert service from owner Daisy Claeys and her well trained staff. This classic Belgian "brown" cafe also has a very friendly atmosphere.

In Ale Street News, I cover a number of subjects in my Belgian news column, "Belgian Babble."
Included are info about cafe 't Brugs Beertje; Belgian breweries Liefmans, De Graal, Nieuwhuys, and Het Anker; as well as stateside breweries Clipper City and Russian River, and Max's 24 Hours of Belgian beer fest in Baltimore.

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition in the USA, and I think I'll celebrate with a hoppy American IPA!


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