Saturday, February 9, 2008

A little more about me, and Belgian beer....

As this is my first blog and I don't have a website yet, a lot of people don't know much about me. Here is some more info about how I started writing about Belgian beer.
After many visits (starting in 1996) to the famous Bierhuis Kulminator in Antwerp, I wondered about the history of the classic beer bar. I had never read or heard of any detailed articles about Kulminator. While in Antwerp, on a December 2001 trip, I asked owners Dirk Van Dyck and Leen Boudewijn for an interview. They agreed, and the interview became the subject of a 4,000 word article in All About Beer magazine in its July 2002 issue (which actually was published in late April.)

The article is on-line here:

I also had an article on the Trappist breweries in the May, 2004 issue, which is unfortunately not on the Internet.

I met Tom Dalldorf, Editor and Publisher of Celebrator Beer News, at the Portland International Beer Fest in July, 2002, and began writing for Celebrator a few months later. One of my first articles was about The Brewer's Art in Baltimore.

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Glad to see that you're blogging Chuck!